Secret Room

secret room.jpg

What is the secret room?

The Magician’s Secret room is a private room in the space where the event is held and is labeled as “The Secret Room”. A special small sign can be set up as “The Secret Room” to make sure guests know where to go. Imagine this, throughout your event, small groups of guests are invited to enter The Secret Room and discover it's secret. Either the you pick the people throughout the event, or everyone gets a ticket with a specific time that they can enter. The guests are not told what they will find in the Secret Room. This builds excitement, anticipation and curiosity.

Inside The Secret Room.

When their time comes, a small group of guests (between 4-10 guests depending on the size of the party) enter the Secret Room and discover a magician waiting for them inside.

They then receive a 10-15 minute close up magic show just for them. Due to the intimate nature of the show, your guests will feel as if they’ve experienced something very unique. It's like a mini magic theatre set up in the party venue. Jason will work with you and figure out how to make this Secret Room a reality in your venue. After the show, the guests are asked to keep the secret, and not tell anyone about what they found inside the room.

Why The Secret Room

  • The guests receive a private and unique show that they all take part in.

  • This ensures that everyone gets to see the magic.

  • A buzz will be created about the room but more importantly, your event.

  • The Secret Room eliminates any distractions that might take away from the magic.